TEAM as an organisation was formed in 1985 by a group of architects. This was after winning the National Competition to design and build the New Wing of the National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA), situated at India Gate, New Delhi. The firm has grown over the years as a close knit group of creative professionals from the fields of Architecture, Urban Design, Planning, Building Engineering and Management.

Today, the partnership thus created has crossed the 30 year mark in its architectural journey. During this time it has designed and overseen the completion of a wide variety of projects; several of which have been critically acclaimed. Architectural projects range from Museums and Resorts to Real Estate Townships and University Buildings. Interior design and related projects include exclusive Retail and Corporate Interior Designs, International Exhibitions and Product Design.

The architects of TEAM through their designs have consistently sought to address issues of sustainability and conservation of resources from stages of design conceptualization to future projections of site and building life-cycle management. The architectural designs that have evolved in each of the projects have also benefited immensely from the inputs and experiences gained from parallel consultancies offered by the organisation in inter-related areas of Architectural Conservation and Heritage Management, Project Management Audits and Project Monitoring. Such an exposure has been further strengthened by the long and committed involvement of the principals of the organization in academic and research activities.

The firm has maintained its reputation of working with a clear set of professional and ethical values coupled with an extensive knowledge base and belief system that it has developed assiduously over its years of practice, resulting in the creation of a body of significant works that are rational in their approach and sophisticated in their resolution. 


About T E A M

TEAM is an interdisciplinary group of professionals from the fields of architecture, planning and design, besides building engineering and management. The primary objective of TEAM is to provide such consultancy services, through an integrated approach to all allied services, as are not available to clients through a single agency.In addition this group is capable of design of graphics, product design and specialised audio visual installations. TEAM, through their designs, has consistently attempted to address the issues of “sustainability” and “conservation”- both before construction andduring the life cycle of a building. This concern has led the designers in TEAM to research and question“conventions” so as to design improved building systems. These would encompass structural systems, construction materials, finishes, climatic response and other building services such as sanitation waste management and energy conservation systems. The designs optimise the use of resources to create spaces and buildings that shape a new context and yet are simultaneously rooted to their immediate context of the site and the larger context of the region.
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