Katha Mullassery

Entry for Ente Kochi Urban Design Competition

Our entry for the Ente Kochi Urban Design Competition was one of the top twenty shortlisted schemes. It was a great team effort and a process that we enjoyed as well as learnt a lot from. The entry scheme was the outcome of inputs from the entire team and and the final design would have not have been possible without the involvement of,

A.R. Ramanathan, Architect, specialization in Project Management (New Delhi)

Snehanshu Mukherjee, Architect, specialization in Housing (Noida, Delhi NCR)

Dr. Abhay Gupta, Structural Designer (Noida, Delhi NCR)

Adit Pal, Landscape Architect (Palo Alto, California)

Nimish Gupta, Public Policy Expert (Gurugram, Delhi NCR)

Saurabh Popli, Landscape Architect (Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh)

Shubham Mishra, Urban Planner & GIS Expert (New Delhi)

Siddhartha Mishra, Architect (Ghaziabad, Delhi NCR)

Anamika Bagchi, Architect, Urban Designer (Ghaziabad, Delhi NCR)

To view the Competition Website click here

About T E A M

TEAM is an interdisciplinary group of professionals from the fields of architecture, planning and design, besides building engineering and management. The primary objective of TEAM is to provide such consultancy services, through an integrated approach to all allied services, as are not available to clients through a single agency.In addition this group is capable of design of graphics, product design and specialised audio visual installations. TEAM, through their designs, has consistently attempted to address the issues of “sustainability” and “conservation”- both before construction andduring the life cycle of a building. This concern has led the designers in TEAM to research and question“conventions” so as to design improved building systems. These would encompass structural systems, construction materials, finishes, climatic response and other building services such as sanitation waste management and energy conservation systems. The designs optimise the use of resources to create spaces and buildings that shape a new context and yet are simultaneously rooted to their immediate context of the site and the larger context of the region.

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